cetrola legal

Integrity, strength, effectiveness.



Cetrola Legal’s main practice areas are general commercial, encompassing:

  • commercial contracts (drafting, reviewing, negotiating and advising);
  • mergers, acquisitions and commercial property;
  • commercial litigation, ranging from high level litigation to assisting commercial clients with debt recovery and credit control;
  • leasing;
  • corporate (shareholder rights, directors duties, company meetings);
  • finance (drafting loan agreements and mortgages and providing independent solicitor’s certificates);
  • employment law;
  • conveyancing;
  • business succession planning;
  • wills and estates; and
  • testator’s family maintenance claims.

We know we cannot be all things to all people; if a matter does not fit into one of our core practice areas, we will source the best legal, accounting and general commercial advice available from leaders in the field.

In this regard, extensive and efficient use is made of the independent bar. Barristers experienced in their respective fields are retained under Cetrola Legal’s supervisory control. Your dollar buys exemplary advice. Our model is one of de facto in-house counsel, without the need to spend money on an in-house legal cost centre.

In family, criminal and traffic practice areas we will refer you to experienced colleagues to manage your legal solutions.

A transparent approach to fees

Cetrola Legal utilises real-time time recording for its fees and you can request an up to date summary of fees accrued. As our overheads are low, our hourly rates offer direct value against our CBD colleagues without compromising the experience of your lawyer.

Before any retainer is commenced, a disclosure statement will be sent to you setting out our estimate for time and fees. For set-piece instructions, fixed price quotes or a costs cap can be provided. By sharing the risks with you, we aim to exact the most efficient resolution of your legal matter.

Out-of-pocket expenses are charged to you at the rate we are charged and receipts are available at any time.  We will incur these as your agent.